Amelia Hayes
Alias(es) Sandra (CIA code name)
Biographical Description
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Career Information
Affiliations Former CIA Agent
Physical Description
Hair color Black
Family Gabriel Vaughn (Husband)
Series Information
First Appearance Pilot (Only as a Cyber Rendering image)
Latest Appearance Mei Chen Returns (Only as a Cyber Rendering image)
Portrayed by Zuleikha Robinson

Amelia Hayes is a former CIA Agent. She is the wife of Gabriel Vaughn

Early LifeEdit

She went to Mumbai as a undercover agent on a CIA mission. She disappeared after the Mumbai Attacks. It was presumed she died during the attacks.


In "Pilot" She appeared as a cyber-rendering image when Gabriel hacked into a satelite in the Himalayas. The image shows that she was one of the attackers in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. It was presumed she died during the attacks. 

In "Red X" She appeared physically in this episode. At first she appeared in a flashback Gabriel had. She was being called away for a mission in India but she didn't want to go. She wanted to quit her job. Gabriel won't hear of it. He says he doesn't want their marriage to come between what she loves. In later flashback she says the last time it took her a long time to find her way back. Gabriel assures her he will help her find her way back. She meets with Malik Hassani and Ibrahim Al-Munin when Hassani arrives in America. She later helps Ibrahim escape after failing to explode the headquaters of Phalanx Global Security. She gives a hospital visitor pass to a boy named Yousef telling him to give it Gabriel and he will know what to do. Gabriel evacutes the hospital and finds her inside. She tells him she is the bomb and he should leave. Gabriel desperately tries to help her. She says that she hates him and never loved her but Gabriel doesn't believe her. In the end Riley throws both of them through a window saving him. The building explodes and it is possible she died in the blast. 


She died in the "Red X" episode. She swallowed a bomb and she blasted herself.


Gabriel Vaughn

Gabriel Vaughn was her husband. 



  • She is suspected to be an assailant in the Mumbai Attacks.
  • She appeared as a cyber-render images in two episodes.

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