Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 9
Air date Mar 3, 2014
Written by Matthew Lau
Directed by Bill Eagles
Guest Stars Will Yun Lee As Jin Cong

Johnny Kostrey As Norman
Richard Chiu As Jung Ahn
Alexandre Chen As Bok Wor
Charlie Koznick As David Collingsworth
Andrea Grano As Susan Marsham
Stephen Oyoung As Gunman Bravo
Bethany Levy As Tech

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Delta Force
Cain & Gabriel
Who the hell are you people

–Gabriel Vaughn

Athens is the ninth episode of Season One of Intelligence TV Series.


When Gabriel's chip is hacked with misinformation, he turns on his own team. Gabriel’s memory is wiped clean after CyberCom is attacked by an aggressive virus, he believes Jin Cong is the good guy and helps him locate a top-secret document






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