Bryce Tyler
S01e07 141
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Scientist
Physical Description
Series Information
First Appearance Size Matters
Portrayed by Tommy Dewey

Bryce Tyler is artificial intelligence scientist. He is also the owner of Tyler Dynamics in Maryland.


Season 1Edit

In "Size Matters" Tyler sends packages containing nanites to renown scientists around the world. He then makes a phone call to them activating the nanites which causes whoever infected to bleed to death. He sends a package to himself to throw the suspicion off of him. When he was on his way to work he receive a phone call from Gabriel that his life is in danger and not to open any packages addressed to him. He then hangs up and calls his assistant Audrie who have already opened the package and have been infected. She dies shortly after receiving the call. Gabriel and Riley bring him back to CyberCom where he helps Dr. Cassidy to identify the nanites. He then suggest blowing up the numbers they found in a note inside the box in which the nanites were delivered. They find a 350 page manifesto. When Gabriel skims through the pages and links it to Greyson and find his current location he figures out that Cassidy have finally inserted a chip on a human brain. He asks how much of Gabriel is organic. He then tells Gabriel to embrace what he is. When Gabriel asks what it is he tells the future.

When Gabriel and Riley are interrogating Greyson he watches from the other room with Lillian and Cassidy. When Gabriel shuts off the cameras Cassidy takes him out of the room. He then makes a phone call to Riley which causes Greyson to bleed to death. He then places a phone on a shelf hidden behind some books in Cassidy's lab. When CyberCom team He had set the phone on a timer and it rings the exact minute Gabriel and Riley come to his office to arrest him when they figure out Tyler is the one behind it. Gabriel asks him how to shut down the nanites but he starts to annoy Gabriel. He tells him they are different species and Riley tells him Gabriel is warmblooded. Somehow Gabriel figures a way to save Cassidy. 

Cassidy comes to visit Tyler in the interrogation room. He is not surprised to see him alive. Cassidy tells him that he has figured out that specific sequence dialled on the phone triggers the nanites. He then places a box containing nanites on the table and opens it. A dust is relased. Tyler says Cassidy could have been infected too. Cassidy says the nanites only one target and he is ready to take the risk. Cassidy starts to dial a number. Tyler tells him to stop. Cassidy then tells him that the box contained sugar and he leaves the room.