Mackenzie Bradshaw
S01e05 176
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Student
Physical Description
Hair color Blonde
Family Thomas Bradshaw (Father)

Erika Bradshaw (Mother)

Friends Samantha Royce
Series Information
First Appearance The Rescue
Portrayed by Abbie Cobb

Mackenzie Bradshaw is the daughter of Thomas Bradshaw and Erika Bradshaw. Her father is a Senator and the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in DC. She attends Arizona University with her friend Samantha Royce.


Season 1Edit

In "The Rescue" she is kidnapped from her dorm room in the Arizona University with her friend Samantha by Hector Villariel. When her friend Samantha is taken away she begs to be taken away instead. Hector's men take away her to a location to meet Riley. Instead of releasing her they kidnap Riley. Gabriel and Riley saves her and reunites with her parents.